Know the Challenge: Ringmaster

Know the Challenge

Each season brings a new IQ Challenge, which means new game objects, field objects and rules.  The intent of this email is to ensure students on every team have all information they need to have a successful and rewarding season.  Please forward to anyone that would be interested, including students, parents and mentors.

It’s all about collaboration
VEX IQ Challenge competitions focus on teams collaborating on the field to score the highest score they can together. The better the students understand the game, the more prepared they are to collaborate with others. The better they collaborate, the more rewarding the experience is for the team.

Ringmaster Game Video

The most straightforward introduction for younger students to the Ringmaster season is the game video. This will get the students engaged and ready to start to strategize and design their robot.

Ringmaster Overview and Documents

The students objective in Ringmaster is to attain the highest score using the following methods

Scoring Method Points    
Each Ring Scored in the floor goal 1 Points
Each Ring Scored on a Post 5 Points
Each Ring Scored on a Uniform Post Double Point Value
Each Emptied Starting Peg 5 Points
Having the Bonus Tray Released 20 Points

Ringmaster Competition One-Pager
Before you print out the whole game manual, check out the Ringmaster competition One-Pager.  This is a quick summary that’s easy to understand and pass around to students.

Ringmaster Game Manual
The Game Manual is the authoritative source document for all rules involved in the Ringmaster season.  There’s a lot of detail in here and can take several passes to understand.

Legal Parts Appendix
Students will primarily use parts from their VEX IQ Super Kits, but they’re not limited to those parts.  The Legal Parts Appendix gives a complete list of all parts that are available for a student to design their robot with.

Ringmaster Referee Videos

The Ringmaster Referee Training videos can are also intended to help students better understand how matches are run.  These videos give students a clear and understandable way to comprehend many of the rules found in the Game Manual.

Chapter 1: Referee Position Overview

Chapter 2: Robot Size and Match Starting Configuration

Chapter 3: Field Setup and Reset

Chapter 4: Managing the Controller Switch

Chapter 5: Driver Station and Human Interaction

Chapter 6: Scoring Matches

Feel Free to Share

Hopefully this email was helpful to new and veteran teams.  Please share this with anyone interested, including students, parents and mentors.  If they wish to be added to the list they can signup here.

Have suggestions on additional topics that should be shared with the regional VEX IQ community?  Don’t hesitate to send us a note

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