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2017 Nebraska & Iowa Online Challenge Entries

The mission for Robotics in Nebraska is to develop critical Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills.  These skills will prepare our students to succeed in a future job environment that will be very different from what we see today.

Robotics competitions have been a effective way to engage students and get them interested in developing these skills, but it isn’t the only method.  We encourage many other activities that develop our students, including judged presentations and online challenges.  This year, the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation ran eleven different Online Challenges that spotlighted different skill sets for students to work on.

Nebraska and Iowa Entries

We’d like to spotlight the great work we’ve seen from Nebraska and Iowa teams on the Online Challenges.  We saw high quality submissions across both High School and Middle School.  You can recognize their projects by voting for their entries and/or ‘Liking’ their entry pages.  Check them all out:

High School

1028 – Brownell Talbot

1064 – Omaha North HS

3018 – Techna Pwn Robotics

Middle School

1073 – RM Marrs Magnet Center (MS)

985 – Mary Our Queen (MS)

Did we miss one?

There’s a good chance that we may have missed an entry from Nebraska or Iowa. We tried to find all of the entries we could, but you can help by sending us additional entries that we can add to this post. Send an email to [email protected]