About Nebraska Robotics

Nebraska RoboticsNebraska Robotics is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of students working on Robotics and related STEM activities throughout Nebraska.  Through recognizing their achievements, we hope to encourage Nebraska’s future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Nebraska Robotics is also dedicated to celebrating the educators, parents, mentors and coaches that help these students grow through Robotics. Students learn a lot about what they can do through several avenues, including the classroom, robotics competitions, and even on their own time tinkering.

Nebraska has done a lot in Robotics, we seen our robotics programs compete well against students from other States and Countries. There are lot of exciting developments coming and look forward to helping our students in Nebraska take advantage of that.

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Do you have a moment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education that you want to share? Help us celebrate educators, parents, mentors and coaches that help students grow through Robotics and Nebraska STEM Education.

Send the Nebraska Robotics team a picture and details to [email protected], we would love to help you share those moments with everyone.