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Know the Challenge: Ringmaster

Know the Challenge

Each season brings a new IQ Challenge, which means new game objects, field objects and rules.  The intent of this email is to ensure students on every team have all information they need to have a successful and rewarding season.  Please forward to anyone that would be interested, including students, parents and mentors.

It’s all about collaboration
VEX IQ Challenge competitions focus on teams collaborating on the field to score the highest score they can together. The better the students understand the game, the more prepared they are to collaborate with others. The better they collaborate, the more rewarding the experience is for the team.

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Nebraska & Iowa VEX IQ Challenge Season Starts

The 2017-18 VEX IQ Challenge season has begun in Iowa and Nebraska, with teams competing with each other in the Ringmaster game.  This will be the most exciting VEX IQ season with the expansion in teams and tournaments.

Rapid Growth in VEX IQ Challenge Teams

In 3 years, Nebraska and Iowa has seen rapid growth in VEX IQ Challenge teams.  We’ve already doubled the number of teams from last year, with more teams planning to register this season.  This growth has earned our region an additional World Championship Qualification spot for this season (now 3 spots).  If the team growth continues, we could earn additional bonus spots this season.

Also, we’ve been fortunate to maintain an even split between Elementary and Middle school teams.  Hopefully we continue to grow each division to allow both the opportunity for awards at each grade level at all tournaments.

Season     MS
# of
2015-16 1 0 1 1 0
2016-17 5 5 10 2 3
2017-18* 12 14 26 3** 7

* Registration is still in process for the season.
** Based on the overall team growth by December 31st, REC could grant additional World Spots to our region. Continue reading